Ending My Pain with the Best Remedial Massage I Ever Got

As a weight lifter, muscle pain is not new to me. I could feel it in almost all parts of my body, from the legs to the shoulders. The tension as I attempt to raise a particular weight at a height level with my chest or shoulders can rip my muscles, leaving a dull ache that can last for days to months.

After each session, I ache all over, with some parts of my body more painful than others. The pain usually disappears after a few weeks. This year, however, the pain persisted and became so intense that just taking the right position to lift a weight has become laborious as the move causes a searing pain on every part of my body.

A Call That Changed My Life

I dreaded going to the gym for my regular workout. I started to miss a day, then two days, then almost a week because I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I took all types of painkillers, went to several massage parlors, tried several therapists, and bought an electric foam roller massage but to no avail. I would stay home and wait for the dull pulsing pain increase intensity.

It was during those bad days when I was trying to watch TV to forget about the aches that I got a call from a fellow weightlifter. He is now living somewhere in Australia and works as a weight lifting coach. He invited me to spend a few weeks there and reminisce about the old days.

I eagerly answered yes. I made some preparations and off I flew to Brunswick in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I saw my friend waiting for me at the airport and I can feel that something good might come out of my visit. I can sense that something is about to change in my life.

Getting Around Brunswick

My friend took me to his flat and wanted us to try a new pub downtown but I refused. I was aching all over and all I wanted was to go to bed. I blamed it on jet lag. The next day, I was supposed to accompany my friend to the gym. When I refused to join him in his routine, he looked confused. He started asking question after question regarding my health and how I changed a lot since the time we met.

I never gave a clear answer and he stopped badgering me. It was during another drive to the gym that I spotted the Brunswick remedial massage clinic just a few blocks away from my friend’s flat. I heard a lot of success stories about this clinic from my colleagues in the weightlifting world. I said to myself there is no harm in checking this place out.

The next day, I tried to venture around Brunswick on my own. I made a visit to the clinic and a smiling receptionist inquired about my purpose in visiting. I told her that I heard a lot of good things about the clinic. I then mentioned about seeking help for the pain I am suffering from. She asked me if I want to make an appointment and I decided to see a therapist the next day. I was happy that I did.

Getting Remedial Massage

I had my first therapy session two days after I signed in. My therapist explained to me that my pain could have been caused by a lack of blood supply to my muscle tissues and joints. By stimulating smooth blood flow, tissues that have been damaged can be repaired.

After several sessions with my remedial massage therapist, I felt some relief from the pain. The healing was gradual but eventually, the pain had been reduced. After staying with my friend for six months, I was happy to go home and start my weightlifting training once again.

Today, I can still experience a dull ache but it never lasts. My enthusiasm and zest for life have returned. Getting that remedial massage has led me back to weightlifting and my normal life.