ApartmentLooking for a new apartment can be tricky because you essentially come to see the place for a limited amount of time only. The challenge is to accurately assess the condition of the property enough to know whether to rent it or not. After all, this was my experience in my previous place. I didn’t realize that there were problems with humidity and mold until I had already moved in. Living in a healthier apartment was then my main goal in my search.

This time, I wanted to make sure that I check thoroughly and make the best choice. I thought that hiring the services of a professional might make it easier. For sure, they are experts in looking at any piece of property and seeing its potential issues. After asking for some recommendations, I finally contacted Chilli Realty – off the plan apartments specialist in Melbourne

They gave me some good tips on what to inspect when visiting apartments. It all boils down to these 10 things: 


Examine very clearly into the status of the flooring. One, because you might be blamed for any existing damage when you move out later. Two, if you have carpeting that smells bad or has stains, it might be a sign of mold or some other damage that can get worse if you don’t notice it. Don’t forget to also look at the kitchen and bathroom tiles to be certain that nothing is missing.


As with the floors, it is important to check for any stains that might signal some damage or worse, mold. Do not forget to make sure that the paint is not poisonous, as this might also be hazardous to your health. Should the walls be made of wood, look if there are any loose or worse, rotten boards.


Windows are a vital part of your home. They keep the cold air out in wintertime and at the same time, protect you from bugs during summer. At the same time, windows that do not open properly are a huge safety hazard. You should try to check if you can open them without any problems, and that there is no broken glass. 


Flick all the light switches to be sure they are functioning, and try to find if there are any loose wires hanging out. These can be a fire hazard if left unrepaired. Try to switch on the lights and keep an eye out for any flicker or sparks. Lastly, it might also be good to randomly test the plugs to see if they work. 

Heating and air conditioning unit (HVAC)

Since you will be living there for the whole year and would need a functioning HVAC unit to survive extreme temperatures. Make sure you look at the thermostat if it is accurate. The unit should not be leaking water as well.

Smoke Detectors

Choose an apartment that would have some alarms or smoke detectors in the hallway, at least. They should, of course, be functioning as well. At the same time, ask the landlord if there is a working fire extinguisher in the apartment.


See if hot and cold water is running, very handy if you want to have those hot baths during winter. You have to also consider the ventilation, either if there is a window or a fan available. If not, the humidity might be letting some mold grow in the bathroom. Look for some signs of mold, especially in the corners or hidden areas. 

The toilets should be tested for cleanliness and if they are working well and do not leak. The faucets should also drain properly. Lastly, there should be no water escaping from any of the pipes, anywhere.

Door Locks

Doorknobs and locks should be thoroughly examined to see if they lock properly. Again, this is a matter of personal security that they are not broken. 


Another vital part of the apartment, take the time to look around. The stoves should have working switches and that no wiring is exposed or damaged. If there is a gas stove, try to sniff out for natural gas. It might be useful to ask the owner if there is a carbon monoxide detector, to be safe. 


A serious health hazard, pests should not be present in anyone’s home. See if there are any insect or worse, rodent droppings. Use a flashlight to see if there are gaps or cracks in the walls or cabinets that might also signal their presence. 

It might seem like a lot, but these should definitely be inspected carefully when you are looking for a new place to live. First, finding a place and moving takes a lot of time and energy. Second, who wants to live in an apartment that might be unhealthy for you or have lots of damage? And last, it is only by looking carefully that you can really find those hidden problems before moving in.