All ladies deserve a chance to feel good about themselves especially if they have to meet and mingle with a variety of individuals all week-long. That is why having facial treatment every once in a while can be very rewarding since you’ll be coming off feeling energized, refreshed, and even more beautiful. Call me vain, but I think I do deserve the right to be admired for my beauty. It is for this reason that I always go for my facial at Beaute 2001’s Doncaster clinic as they do have the most wonderful team of aestheticians and it’s definitely closer to home. However, in case you’re wondering what you should expect from your first-time facial, then read on.

First, facials are important not only for us ladies, but also for men. I’ve known quite a number of my male colleagues who spend a day at the clinic having their own version of a facial. The point is that a facial is not just about making you beautiful; it’s more about keeping you on top of the things that are occurring on your face. The makeup we put on every day, the smoke and smog that we are exposed to, and other factors can somehow have an impact on the health of our facial skin. Sooner or later, we’ll see oilier skin, skin discolorations, and even nasty breakouts. We clearly don’t want any of these.

Getting a facial involves a variety of treatments or procedures that are designed to address as many of the skin health problems that your aesthetician can identify. This is one of the reasons why I always stick to one skin care clinic since they already have a very fair idea of the ‘history’ of my facial skin. They already know what products I usually put on including my daily habits and rituals that can have a bearing on the health of my skin on my face.

Facials will always start with a thorough cleansing of the facial skin that extends well into the neck and even décolletage. This is to make sure that any trace of makeup, dust, dirt, or any other unwanted particles will be removed from my skin and pave the way for the custom mask that will be applied later on. It’s like stripping your skin of any impurities so that its natural beauty will stand out. Only when its natural state has been uncovered that your aesthetician can start determining the best treatment for you.

Now, if the aesthetician determines that there’s way too much dead skin on your face, then exfoliation may be necessary. This is important since you don’t want any dead cells on top of your skin. Any treatments applied over this layer of dead skin cells will be for naught as the active ingredient won’t be absorbed by the healthy skin cells underneath.

If your aesthetician noticed that you’ve got way too many clogged pores, then individual extractions may be called for. The pores in our skin can be clogged with oil or even by dead skin cells. We all know this in the form of acnes and blackheads. Thankfully, my aestheticians don’t have to deal with these nasty materials on my face.

After cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, your aesthetician can perform a facial massage. My personal favourite, the massage works to improve the elimination of waste materials through lymphatic drainage. It also improves overall circulation giving me a much rosier, pinker glow. It’s that part of the facial treatment that I always look forward to simply because it gives me the opportunity to doze off and go to slumber land a lot easier than at any other venue. While it’s only for a matter of minutes, I feel like I’ve been sleeping for hours.

A custom mask is usually applied to help manage oil skin or even combat dryness, depending on the problem identified by your aesthetician. The facial treatment typically ends with the application of a moisturiser, a serum, or even a sunscreen if you happen to go to the clinic in the day.

So, what can you expect from you first-time facial? It’s a great day to pamper the skin on your face and appreciate for the first time what other people see in you that you may not even be aware of.