Settling in a new city is not easy if you do not have friends or family living close by. You can, naturally, search for new friends in the workplace, but finding people with the same interests and hobbies is much better.

As a sports enthusiast, playing various sports is a huge part of my life. In my hometown, I was a member of a few teams that also play competitively. Thus, when I moved, finding a new team or a sports venue where I can play was first on my agenda. Luckily, there are tons of indoor sports stadiums in Australia where I can begin my search.

While playing outdoors during summer is also great, these indoor sports stadiums are where newbies or aspiring players can connect with fellow athletes and teams. In my case, I wanted to play team sports like futsal or soccer. Thus, I needed to find a team to play with. In some stadiums, it is possible to just walk in and join any team playing at the time. However, since I wanted to play competitively, I wanted to be part of a team and local tournaments against other teams in the area.

Finding the right sports stadium is the first step because I wanted one that suits my needs and preferences. As I began my search for my new favorite spot in the city, here are some things I put in mind.


Indoor sports stadiums can be found in many neighborhoods in Australia. Thus, it means you will not need to drive or travel an hour just to get to one. Start by finding the one closest to your place so that you will not waste so much time getting there.


Some stadiums are bigger and offer quite a few courts. This means you can play different sports and they have more capacity for teams practicing or playing. First of all, if you prefer a specific sport, check if they have the facility for it or if you are more of a jack-of-all-trades, then opt for one that offers more sports. Another important thing to check out is the changing/shower/locker facilities, as you will naturally spend time there as well.

Opening Times

If you are a working professional, then you will need to check out the opening times to make sure you can still enjoy an after-work game regularly. Most indoor sports stadiums are open longer, which is a good thing. If you are more into going in the morning, then checking the opening times is a must as well. There are places that are more flexible than others, and this is best for those with busy schedules.

Atmosphere and Policies

Playing sports is all about learning teamwork and getting a good workout. Beyond that, it is all about fun. While some competition is important in getting you to play at your optimal level, too much aggression takes the fun out of the game. Moreover, it increases the risk of injuries and other untoward accidents.

I certainly do not want to have to go to work the next few weeks in crutches because of people playing too rough. Some stadiums have a non-aggression policy but even if they do not, you should try out a few games first to see how the people behave. If you feel comfortable with the other players, then you can consider signing up for the team long-term. The referees are also an important part of playing, so find a stadium that has fair ones that promote a fun and safe environment.

Depending on your location and your needs, you might find it easy to find your new “second home“ in the city. As for me, after a little search and trying out a couple of stadiums, I have settled in my new team and am back playing my favorite sports.