pregnanyThe family was very ecstatic upon hearing the news of my sister’s pregnancy. Other than deciding the name of the baby and preparing a nursery room, going to scheduled visits to the gynecologist stressed out the couple, most especially my sister. But lately, we have taken consideration to visit the top Melbourne pregnancy acupuncture clinic

What is acupuncture and pregnancy acupuncture?

Nowadays, word is spreading regarding pregnancy acupuncture that can relieve many mothers-to-be of the pain and stress during the labouring months. It is always our goal to help my sister achieve healthy pregnancy, and therefore, we support any method or regimen that is good for her. In this case, we opened our minds to the idea of acupuncture. Initially, my sister and I had no idea of what this new method is, specifically acupuncture. The first impression we had was about the physical agony one has to undergo through knowing that it mainly involved the usage of needles being poked on the face and all over the body. Little did we know, that this was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing practice that basically requires the insertion of sterile needles into the skin in certain acupuncture points. Common conditions that can benefit from this treatment are musculoskeletal problems, such as back pain and neck pains, and the typical headache, migraine, and fertility. For this reason, we ventured on visiting the best pregnancy acupuncture clinic. Choosing the right acupuncturist for my sister took us a few days of visiting and inquiring in many hospitals and Chinese health centers. We both wanted to make sure that the doctor will be someone she can trust, someone who has enough knowledge of Chinese curatives, and someone who is well-versed in this practice. After hand-selecting the right acupuncturist for my sister, she immediately started taking the sessions.

The usual charge per consultation and therapy is more or less $100. The initial treatment is normally more costly than the subsequent ones. Of course, we wanted to confirm that this additional ministration was worth the expense, so we did our own research and talked to some of the patients who was engaged in this maternity preparation. Through inquiry, we were able to avail of package of consisting of 12 sessions for a cheaper rate. Plus, we also had a discount for the first session and a free trial to see and experience how the process is.

After weeks of treatment, we were constantly reminded by my sister’s gynecologist and acupuncturist that this method is not an alternative prenatal medical care. This was merely a supplementary routine that can offer health benefits to the pregnant individual, which can encourage sterility and overall wellness.

My sister and I were very pleased upon hearing the numerous benefits of opting pregnancy acupuncture. Being pregnant is overwhelming, and this nervousness and restlessness is one of the targets of acupuncture. One of its goal is to relieve the person expecting of anxiety during the first trimester of pregnancy. More women are prone to miscarriages because of this, which is why this Chinese tradition might be a blessing to avoid that happen. Moreover, it stimulate the release of important hormones such as endorphins and act as their equalizer in the body. After attending few consultations, my sister also felt relieved from the typical pregnancy symptoms. Since then, she no longer dealt with morning sickness daily. She was spared more from the vomiting and nausea of being pregnant. Plus, she is now also able to accomplish the required eight hours of sleep. Before the acupuncture set-up, my sister had out it difficult in having some shut-eye.

Now, she is able to sleep early and soundly, most especially during her check-up days. Having a baby in the womb also made it difficult for her to stand and walk because of the frequent lower back and pelvic pains. Her doctor assured her that this was normal among pregnant women given that there’s now an added weight and pressure coming from the developing infant. Internally, the uterus can easily achieve states of relaxation, without suffering from occurring contractions. Given time, the uterus’ lining will also thicken, but quicker than the usual period. Overall, she had a significant reduction in pain, anxiety, and nervous sickness after acupuncture treatment

However, one should also be aware of the many risks posed by the acupressure. Fortunately, my sister was thoroughly interviewed by the acupuncturist to avoid many complications. Many expecting women who hasten the consultations and skip the discussion of health history are more likely prone to soreness, bleeding, infection, and injury if placed too deeply and inserted wrongly. The success of these treatments and the refrained unfortunate incidents may also depend the professionalism and experience of the doctors and staff. 

Other than Acupuncture, what should a pregnant mum do?

Pregnancy acupuncture doesn’t necessarily solve all the problems of pregnancy. For a healthy baby and a successful labour, my sister was advised to eat the proper and balanced diet and to keep an eye on the ideal weight. Since she was also a career woman, the doctors and acupuncturist recommended to reduce stress levels. Getting enough sleep is also a must.

As a sister, I wanted to give her the best emotional and physical support within my reach. Accompanying her to Chinese acupuncture clinics improved her condition plus, it also further strengthened our relationship.