How a Pilates Reformer Machine Can Help You Improve Your Pilates Moves

If you’re like me who has been practising Pilates for quite some time now, there comes a point when you begin asking yourself how else you can improve on the various moves that this exercise and fitness system has to offer. You’d be glad to know that there are now platforms that can substantially improve the way we reap the many benefits of Pilates. Known as reformer machines, these contraptions can amplify the benefits we obtain from our classic Pilates moves. But, just how can a reformer machine help you?

Great for Strength Training

Not many people realise that Pilates can be a great regimen for strength training. But you can only achieve this if you use the right Pilates reformer machine. In selecting a Pilates reformer machine for such a purpose, you’d definitely want to get a machine that has resistance components. These can come in the form of resistance bands, tension cables or springs, and even weights.

The thing to understand about Pilates reformer machines is that they come with a movable platform which can be connected to a number of resistance mechanisms. While lying on the platform you can push with your feet to move the platform relative to a footboard. The springs or tension cables connecting the platform to the frame of the machine will try to prevent you from moving. As such, you will have to exert with all your might. Other systems also come with weights or even resistance bands for you to pull with your arms.

In both systems, you are strengthening the muscles of your legs and arms. And if you observe the principles of Pilates moves, you can also easily strengthen your core muscles. You can do these with a conventional Pilates mat or other contraptions, but the addition of resistance systems in a reformer machine enhances it.

Improves Range of Motion

One of the obvious benefits of Pilates is an improvement in joint range of motion which can easily translate to increased flexibility. When a Pilates reformer machine is used, the flexibility of the joints is further increased because of the addition of resistance systems.

It’s like the machine is inviting, encouraging you to work not only your muscles but also your joints. With the unique placement of the various reformer components, your limbs can be extended and maintained in a given position for a much longer time. If you use conventional Pilates equipment or devices, you may not be able to maintain the near-perfect alignment of the various tissues.

Stabilises the Core Muscles

The fundamental aim of Pilates exercises is the stabilisation and strengthening of the core muscles. I didn’t get this the first time I was practising Pilates, but now I understand. And when you use a reformer machine, the stabilisation of the core muscles can be further enhanced.

Again, the trick here is in the addition of resistance systems. You might think that putting the resistance at the lowest possible setting will be a lot friendlier to the core muscles. I found out that it does the opposite. Instead of your core muscles relaxing because of the lower levels of resistance where these muscles have to work against, the machine will try to disturb your balance. This effectively makes you want to control your balance by engaging more of your core muscles.

Believe me, it’s not easy trying to balance your body when something is trying to disrupt such a delicate balance.

Pilates reformer machines are ideal for those who want to up the ante of their Pilates moves. It stabilises the core, strengthens the muscles, and improves flexibility far better than conventional Pilates equipment.

Unpopular Benefits of Nail Treatments

I get you. You live a busy life, running errands for demanding bosses and attending to the needs of your family. You are also juggling two jobs just to make ends meet. You spend on your kid’s tuition, but you barely take time off to treat yourself to a good nail treatment. I feel you. But continually depriving yourself from life indulgences will only make you feel more undeserving and unappreciated. You and I deserve a break. I figured this out early and so I always set aside a budget for my monthly nail treatments. It’s a relief knowing that my preferred nail salon in Doncaster provides quality services at affordable prices.

Why focus on nails? Well, if you’re still doubtful about getting a relaxing manicure and pedicure session, I wrote this article so you can appreciate the benefits it brings.


We all love to appear confident to the world and when creating confidence, every detail matters. Your nails, so to speak, matter. You don’t necessarily have to paint them with a bright red or a flashy royal blue. They just need to be decently trimmed. If you’re just like me who does not seem to have the talent to properly cut nails, I recommend you go to a trusted nail salon.


Nail treatments are not only for aesthetic purposes. They do not just complete your look, but also your whole being. Some nail salons offer massages while the specialists are still cleaning or painting the other hand or foot. Unknown to many people, our hands and feet contain nerves that are connected to vital organs and responsible for pain management. Thus, having regular hand and foot massage, alongside the manicure and pedicure session, is like hitting two birds in one stone. You look good and you feel relaxed.

There are other nail salons in Doncaster that offer a wide range of beauty services, including spa and hair services, perfect for those who want a back massage or a hair spa after having a bad day.  

Improved Body Circulation

Apart from psychological benefit of relaxation, you also experience an enhanced body circulation after a mani and pedi session. This consequently brings forth a host of other advantages. You feel more energized and your mood becomes more pleasant. Your productivity increases and your relationships improve because of your positive demeanor.

Improve Nail Health

We are often too conscious about the health of our hair and skin. But what about our nails? They, too, deserve our attention. With constant professional cleaning, infection caused by bacteria or fungi thriving in the sides of our nails will be substantially reduced. Remember that our hands are frequently exposed to dirt, sweat, chemicals, and other pollutants. The same is true for our feet; even when we wear closed shoes the bacteria thrive in damp and dark areas. So, if you ask me, it certainly is a great idea to regularly indulge in regular deep cleaning to eliminate dead skin cells and promote cell rejuvenation.

Nail and Skin Fix

Just because the nails appear fine, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy. It takes a professional to diagnose a nail problem. Have your regular nail repair, otherwise you’ll just one day wake up with a throbbing pain on the right toe because of an improperly cut side nail that caused an ingrown. Also we often neglect the outer skin surrounding our nails and before we know the skin has cracked, causing sores and scars. Keep your skin soft with a regular treatment.

If expenses are your main concern, take my advice and find an affordable nail salon. I found one in Doncaster and as an added precautionary measure, I try to bring my own tools whenever I can. You can vary your nail treatments to include scrub and massage from time to time. To save costs, you can avail a treatment once to four times a month.

What to Expect from Your First-Time Facial Treatment

All ladies deserve a chance to feel good about themselves especially if they have to meet and mingle with a variety of individuals all week-long. That is why having facial treatment every once in a while can be very rewarding since you’ll be coming off feeling energized, refreshed, and even more beautiful. Call me vain, but I think I do deserve the right to be admired for my beauty. It is for this reason that I always go for my facial at Beaute 2001’s Doncaster clinic as they do have the most wonderful team of aestheticians and it’s definitely closer to home. However, in case you’re wondering what you should expect from your first-time facial, then read on.

First, facials are important not only for us ladies, but also for men. I’ve known quite a number of my male colleagues who spend a day at the clinic having their own version of a facial. The point is that a facial is not just about making you beautiful; it’s more about keeping you on top of the things that are occurring on your face. The makeup we put on every day, the smoke and smog that we are exposed to, and other factors can somehow have an impact on the health of our facial skin. Sooner or later, we’ll see oilier skin, skin discolorations, and even nasty breakouts. We clearly don’t want any of these.

Getting a facial involves a variety of treatments or procedures that are designed to address as many of the skin health problems that your aesthetician can identify. This is one of the reasons why I always stick to one skin care clinic since they already have a very fair idea of the ‘history’ of my facial skin. They already know what products I usually put on including my daily habits and rituals that can have a bearing on the health of my skin on my face.

Facials will always start with a thorough cleansing of the facial skin that extends well into the neck and even décolletage. This is to make sure that any trace of makeup, dust, dirt, or any other unwanted particles will be removed from my skin and pave the way for the custom mask that will be applied later on. It’s like stripping your skin of any impurities so that its natural beauty will stand out. Only when its natural state has been uncovered that your aesthetician can start determining the best treatment for you.

Now, if the aesthetician determines that there’s way too much dead skin on your face, then exfoliation may be necessary. This is important since you don’t want any dead cells on top of your skin. Any treatments applied over this layer of dead skin cells will be for naught as the active ingredient won’t be absorbed by the healthy skin cells underneath.

If your aesthetician noticed that you’ve got way too many clogged pores, then individual extractions may be called for. The pores in our skin can be clogged with oil or even by dead skin cells. We all know this in the form of acnes and blackheads. Thankfully, my aestheticians don’t have to deal with these nasty materials on my face.

After cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction, your aesthetician can perform a facial massage. My personal favourite, the massage works to improve the elimination of waste materials through lymphatic drainage. It also improves overall circulation giving me a much rosier, pinker glow. It’s that part of the facial treatment that I always look forward to simply because it gives me the opportunity to doze off and go to slumber land a lot easier than at any other venue. While it’s only for a matter of minutes, I feel like I’ve been sleeping for hours.

A custom mask is usually applied to help manage oil skin or even combat dryness, depending on the problem identified by your aesthetician. The facial treatment typically ends with the application of a moisturiser, a serum, or even a sunscreen if you happen to go to the clinic in the day.

So, what can you expect from you first-time facial? It’s a great day to pamper the skin on your face and appreciate for the first time what other people see in you that you may not even be aware of.