Friday, November 14, 2008

D-Bloggers are all about World Diabetes Day

With today marking the 2nd annual World Diabetes day, D-bloggers across the word are making their voices heard on their blogs. In order to commemorate this day and to recognize the bloggers out there who are trying to bring awareness to Diabetes, we at the Diabetes OC thought that we would document all the bloggers out there. throughout the day, we will be updating the below list with all of the bloggers out there who are posting about World Diabetes Day.

* Opposite Life
* Diabetes Sweeties
* Glucoholic
* Diabetes
* Minnesota Fugue
* dLife: Scott Marvel
* Moments of Wonderful
* The Big "D"
* Amazing Grace
* Jimmy Fitz
* Stickit
* I Do, Diabetes
* Landileigh's Little World
* The D-Log Cabin
* Somewhere Over the Rainbow
* Random Experiments
* She's Laughing
* Diabetes Notes
* My Diabetes Central: Gina Capone
* Salty and Sweet
* Diabetes Talkfest Blog
* The Diabetes & Stuff
* Diabetes, Day-by-Day
* Somewhere Over The Rainbow
* Pancreatically Challenged
* The Sweet Life 24/7
* Going Nancy
* A Girl and Her Reflections on Life
* Bernards Diabetes technology blog
* Bitter-Sweet Diabetes
* Diabetes Daily: Elizabeth Edelman
* Diabetes Mine
* Diabetor and Me
* dLife: Carey Potash
* Dorkabetic
* Every Day Every Hour Every Minute
* Lemonade Life
* My Son Has Diabetes
* Diabetes Daily: Scott Johnson
* Six Until Me
* Tales of my Thirties
* The B.A.D. Blog
* The Butter Compartment
* Diabetes Self-Management: Tara Dairman
* annetics
* Diabetes Teens: Ginger Vieira
* Dam Diabetes
* Curious Girl
* Diabetes Update
* Yayislets
* Diabetesaliciousness
* dLife: Michelle Kowalski
* Kirinqueen
* Life of a Diabetic
* dLife:Nicole Purcell
* Ride to Remedy
* Trying to be Human
* The Diabetic Domestic Diva
* A Sugar-Free-Cube
* What is Diabetes?
* The Diabetes Diary: One Mom's Story
* A Shot In The Dark

This list will continue to be updated throughout the day and into tomorrow. So please come back often to see who is making their voices heard on World Diabetes Day. While we are working very hard to list everyone who posts, we would like to apologize in advance to anyone who we may miss. If we have missed you please send let us know and we will be happy to add you to the list.

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