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Parents of Children with Type 1: Gender: Female Child

Butterfly Kisses and Bedtime Prayers:
Patti - a mother of two girls, one with diabetes, one without. 9-year-old Carylanne has had diabetes for 3 1/2 years and wears and insulin pump. She and her family currently live in Hawaii, where her father is in the Army, though they are about to rejoin civilian life in Florida. This is Supermom is looking to "share stories, ideas, concerns, and laughter."

Challenge Diabetes:
Kevin, dad to Darby, age 8, diagnosed in May 2001 and uses an insulin pump. Lives in Dallas, Texas. Kevin is also an industry professional and principal investigator for IRB approved research. Kevin is married with two children, has climbed the Great Wall, and once served dinner to Sir Richard Harris while a waiter in college. Kevin started his blog to discuss gaps and opportunities to improve diabetes technology and to accelerate improved outcomes through team management. When there is a cure, the first thing Kevin will do is verify it.

Diabetes Self-Care: Balance for Families Living with Diabetes:
Wendy, 37, mom to Ruby, 6, Texas. Ruby was diagnosed in August 2003 and uses an insulin pump. Wendy loves to lay around in her hammock, is jealous of her sister who lives in Maui, and loves to kiss Ruby 4,000 times a day. Ruby often sneaks into the kitchen to weight her snacks, claims a peanut butter allergy to avoid eating it, and she sings all the time. Wendy started this blog when she entered the Navigator trial and also wants to share thoughts about diabetes and life balance for families living with diabetes. When there is a cure, Wendy wants to sleep soundly through the night and the following day. Ruby wants to throw all her pump stuff away, especially the infusion set inserter.

Hayleigh's Health Journal:
Kristi, mother of Hayleigh, 6, Arizona.Hayleigh was diagnosed on February 18, 2005 and uses Lantus and Novolog. Kristi is the mother of 4 kids whom she homeschools and she desperate wants a cure for diabetes. Hayleigh has other health problems besides type 1 diabetes, she is a very sweet child and Kristi says Hayleigh is "stronger than I will ever be." Kristi started the blog to update friends and family on her health issues and to meet other people going througha similar situation. When there is a cure, Kristi plans to throw a huge party and let Hayleigh eat anything she wants.

Herman’s Head:
Dee – 34 year old father of a 3-year-old with diabetes, lives in suburban D.C. Shares amusing and touching anecdotes of life.

Hi Lili Hi Lo:
Michelle, mom to Lili, 7, Portland, Oregon. Diagnosed June 2006 and uses insulin injections and thyroid pills. Michelle is a stay at home mom who is a published children’s book author and a freelance textile designer, she loves Stumptown Coffee and is a Montessory education advocate. Lili loves figure saking, dog and Captain Jack Sparrow, her favorite book is The Meanest Dog in the World and wears flip flops in the rain. Michelle started her blog because she needed a place to cry. When there is a cure, the first thing Michelle will do is take Lily to Serendipity’s in New York City and have frozen hot chocolates.

Javalin and Steele:
FeatherIron, mom to Evangeline (9), Louisiana. Evangeline was diagnosed on Aug. 11, 1998 and she wears the pump. FeatherIron is an aspiring C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien scholar, a Christian and an artist. Evangeline loves the movies Strictly Ballroom, Wizard of Oz and the Chronicles of Narnia. FeatherIron decided to start a blog because she believes it's therapudic to journal about life and she thinks her children are very special and she wants everyone to get to know them. When there is a cure, the first thing FeatherIron will do is cry and praise God.

Luna - a 6 year old child with diabetes. Written from her parent's perspective. The entire blog is written in Spanish.

Major Bedhead:
Julia, mom to Olivia (11), Massachusetts. Olivia was diagnosed Sep. 14, 1997. She wears a Minimed 715 insulin pump. Julia is usually reading three or four books at one time, is a huge Red Sox fan ("If there's a game on, I'm useless") and claims she can check blood sugar in her sleep. Olivia loves "clam chowdah" and Caeser salad, misses her older brother when he's gone (but fights with him when he's home), and plays the piano. Julia started her blog so she could vent anonymously and she wanted to do what "all the cool kids are doing." When there is a cure, Julia plans to throw a big party and burn every piece of diabetes paraphanalia in the house.

Mommie Squared:
Lisa, mom to Isabelle, age 3, diagnosed on April 2, 2007 and uses Lantus and Humalog. Lives in the South. Lisa loves movies, lives for her children and would love to travel. Isabelle loves horses, has a great laugh and is an older sister. Lisa first started her blog just to have a place to talk about her children and day to day life, but diabetes is now a big part of everyday life. The first thing Lisa will do when there is a cure is dance in the street and call everyone that she knows.

The Nefariouspoo of Sarah (Diabetic Musings):
Sarah, 28, Minnesota. Mom to Gracie Ardith-Ellen, 3 ½. Diagnosed on November 2, 2006 and uses Lantus injections. Gracie loves puppies and kitties, loves to snuggle, and is in dance and gymnastics. Sarah loves to run, some people think she’s a redhead and she loves food. Sarah started her blog because she feels she has a lot to offer and even more to gain from feedback. When there is a cure, the first thing Sarah will do is go on a really long run, with planned out water and bathroom stops but no glucose and no meter.

Rubbed Eyes:

Chris, dad to Emma, 2, Manitoba, Canada. Emma was diagnosed on Sep. 29, 2006 and is on insulin. Chris loves his daughter more than anything, he is passionate about golf, and has never owned a car without rust on it. Emma is the smartest and bravest person Chris knows, she loves animas and she loves Dora the Explorer. Chris started the blog to educate family friends and passersby about diabetes and to get into contact with others living with it. He also likes to vent when he is feeling down. When there is a cure, the first thing Chris will do it cry.

The Olsen Family Diary:
Jamie, mom to Danielle (2), Canada. Danielle was diagnosed on July 14, 2005. She is currently on Lantus and Novo-Rapid injections. Jamie is a bit of a germophob, is a control freak and has a goofy sense of humor. Danielle is "cute, adorable and rotten to the core!" Jamie started this blog in September 2003 as a scrapbook of sorts, keeping track of the kids and to vent about various things. When there is a cure, Jamie plans to make a BIG FREAKING CAKE and let Danielle go crazy with it.

Our Crazy World:
Karondaray - a mom of two children with diabetes, a girl, Tay, 9, and a boy, Adam, 13 (in May). Lives in Florida with the kids and her husband. Is completely dedicated to finding a cure for her two kids.

Pumping Insulin:
Karen, mother of Taylor (8), Queensland, Australia. Taylor was diagnosed on Dec. 8, 2000. She has been wearing a pump since Dec. 28, 2005. Karen is a mother of 4, a redhead and loves to kiss cars! Taylor is learning to play the violin, loves to play Aussie Rules Football, and her favorite color is purple. Karen started her blog because when Taylor starting pump, Ellen (from Spread Your Wings) thought it would be a great resource for other parents thinking about starting on an insulin pump. When there is a cure, Karen plans to frame the pump.

Thyme moves on . . .
Amber, mom to Brenna (2.5), California. Brenna was diagnosed on August 17, 2006. Brenna uses an Animas pump and thyroid pills. Amber didn’t light a candle by herself until she was 16. She makes a great apple pie. She works very hard to be organized. Brena loves snails and slugs, believes everyone has a best friend, and loves to wear sparkly things like clothing and jewelry. Amber started her blog because she says it’s cheaper than therapy and she is able to keep in touch with her brother and his wife. When there is a cure, the first thing Amber will do is throw the BG meter into the street and then back over it with a big truck. Or she’ll turn the pump and meter into Christmas ornaments.

Your Diabetes May Vary:
Bennet, dad to Connor, age 13, diagnosed in October 03, and Delaney, age 10, diagnosed in December 2004. Both use Animas pumps. Live in Pennsylvania. Dad is a Disney freak, has a goofy sense of humor, and really likes Disney. His kids are funny, friendly and swimmers. Bennet started his blog to publish ideas that were too long to put on message boards. When there is a cure, Bennet plans to start lobbying insurance companies to pay for it.

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