Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Adults With Type 1: Treatment: Injections and Other

Amazing Grace
Amylia Grace, 30, Taipei, Taiwan, Diagnosed in April 1989. Is on multiple injections. Amylia has an identical twin sister that also has type 1, has wide feet that have traversed the globe and hates wearing clothes with a lot of buttons. She started her blog to document her experience as a type 1 teacher living abroad. When there is a cure, Amylia plans to celebrate with her sister.

Diabetes Can't:
Laura, 37, Ohio. Diagnosed in July 2001. Uses insulin. Laura loves John Travolta and hot fresh chocolate chip cookies. She really wants to go to Disneyland! Laura started her blog to share her ideas and thoughts with others in the diabetes community and to correspond with others so she can learn more about this disease. When there is a cure, the first thing Laura plans to do is jump up and down with joy!

Honey Sweet:

Khurt, 40, Princeton, NJ. Diagnosed in July 2006. Is on insulin. He is a thinker, philosopher and technologist. He started his blog to get his own thought down in electronic ink. When there is a cure, the first thing he will do is call his endocrinologist.

Kiss My Sweet Sticks:

Julie - 33-year-old Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 24 years ago. Wears a pump and uses Metformin. Lives in Conneticut where she works as a Sign Language interpreter. She loves to craft and is addicted to DVD series. She started blogging because a friend of hers that passed away had a blog and she clicked on the advertisment and arrived at Blogspot then decided to search for Diabetes and found long lost camp friends and interesting facts and decided to give it a try herself to cope with her complications. When there is a cure, she plans to eat a HUGE ice cream sunday then try to not think about anything related to Diabetes at all.


Melissa, 31, Virginia. Diagnosed with diabetes on January 4, 2007. Uses insulin injections and a healthy diet. Melissa has crooked pinky fingers, wants to live in Maui and finds that Tony Hawk video games make her nauseated. Melissa started her blog because she found other blogs helped her not feel so depressed and alone and she wants her blog to help others the way they have helped her. When there is a cure, the first thing Melissa will do is eat lots of pizza.

On The Sweet Side Of Life:

Carmen - 26 years old from Austria, Europe, taking insulin injections. She loves travelling, is an optimistic person, and talkative. She started a blog to share her thoughts and experiences with other diabetics and non-diabetics. When there is a cure she will simply be happy.


Kathy (a.k.a. Minnesota Nice), 40s, Minnesota. Type 1 since March 1974 and on multiple daily injections. Minnesota Nice plays in an ethnic percussion ensemble, she had never heard of blogging before this summer, and at the end of September will begin resuming her classes to become a licnesed acupuncturist. She started her blog because she doesn't have access to a support group and was interested in other's observations about life with diabetes. She likes the "anonymity" of blogging but still feels that she knows some of the O.C. bloggers better than some of her own friends. When there is a cure, she will think of all the ways she can spend her money that now go to diabetes care.

Scott's Weblog:

Scott, 37, New York, NY. Diagnosed on July 24, 1976 and uses Apidra and NPH. Scott has an older sister with Type 1, who was diagnosed at age 4 in 1969. Scott and his sister are the only ones in the extended family with Type 1. He has lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, Washington State and Florida. He started his blog because he enjoys communicating about more objective news related to diabetes, which is seldom found in major press outlets. When there is a cure, the first thing Scott plans on doing is going on a drinking binge since alcohol and insulin make for a dangerous combination.

The Smiling Diabetic:

Paul, 39, Kent, England. Diagnosed on February 5, 2001. Treats with 4 injections a day. Paul is a bookworm, music lover and very positive about life. Paul started his blog to share advice and information. He wants to educated people about diabetes and to be creative and give people inspiration and hope and motivation. When there is a cure, the first thing he will do is get drunk and run around shouting, “Whooo!” He will laugh and thank God, and he will cancel his prescriptions.

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