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Adults with Type 1: Age: Thirties

Chris, 33, Seattle, WA. Diagnosed on February 14, 1999. Uses Novolog in a Medtronic Minimed pump. Chris is working to become a diabetes educator, loves ‘80s metal and loves to paint. He started his blog to share his experiences on the pump and make new friends. When there is a cure, the first thing Chris will do is eat a sausage gravy biscuit breakfast with a piece of chocolate cake for dessert, followed by a big hike to the top of a mountain where I can look down and reflect on it all.

Amazing Grace
Amylia Grace, 30, Taipei, Taiwan, Diagnosed in April 1989. Is on multiple injections. Amylia has an identical twin sister that also has type 1, has wide feet that have traversed the globe and hates wearing clothes with a lot of buttons. She started her blog to document her experience as a type 1 teacher living abroad. When there is a cure, Amylia plans to celebrate with her sister.

Anne, 32, Bay Area, CA. Diagnosed September 1988. Uses an Animas pump with Humalog, Symlin, and just started using a DexCom. Anne took hang gliding lessons in college, finishing with a 45-minute tandem flight in Utah. She is addicted to cyclingin the Bay Area and has eaten oatmeal almost everyday for breakfast for the past two years. Anne started her blog mostly to share life events with family, and a few things about diabetes. When there is a cure, the first thing Anne will do is go on a 2-hour run without carrying glucose tabs and would downsize the Bento Box on her bike!

Artificially Sweetened:
Art-Sweet, 31, "North of the Mason-Dixon Line and East of the Mississippi." Was diagnosed on Jan. 1, 1986. She uses a Minimed 722. She is sarcastic, her second toe is longer than her big toe, she likes to stick on her tongue to catch snowflakes whenever it snows, and she has a cat with diabetes. She started her blog to share experiences with other diabetes and infertility-related communities, and because "it's my party, and I'll whine when I want to." When there is a cure, the first thing she plans to do is get cured, and then start a foundation that takes the money we save from not buying supplies and gives it to people in third-world countries so that everyone can have the cure!

Wendy, 34, U.S.A. Diagnosed in April 1985. Uses an insulin pump. Wendy is afraid of the dark, hasn't made her Quilt for Life Square yet, and she has a jack russel terrier. Wendy's blog was inspired by a request from her friend, Ellen, who wanted to see pictures of her new asses (donkeys) that she got for Christmas and her birthday. When there's a cure, Wendy plans to throw a huge party and dump all her diabetes supplies into a bonfire.

The B.A.D. Blog:
George, 32, type 1 since 1990, from Whittier, California. Manages with multiple shots. He has 2 kids, he plays guitar at church, and is a computer geek. He started a blog to share his adventures of being a Born Again Diabetic. When there is a cure, he plans to invite Little Debbie and Betty Crocker over for some goodies.

Being M
M, 32, North Island, New Zealand. Diagnosed in December 2004. Uses Lantus and Novolog. M is a cat lover and has three, she is a chocoholic and loves funny books and loves to read. M started her blog because she wanted to share what she goes through with others. When there is a cure, she wants to check it out fully before she goes anywhere near it.

Bittersweet Surrender:
Lori, 32, Ontario, Canada. Diagnosed on December 22, 1992. Uses a Minimed insulin pump. Lori is planning to become a teacher in the near future, she can play the accordion, piano, saxophone, flute and bass guitar, and she loves to travel. She started her blog to connect with others who understand diabetes and to have an outlet for her thoughts and feelings. When there is a cure, she plans to have a big piece of caramel cheesecake without weighing or calculating the carbs.

The Completely Inconsequential Flux Capacitor:
Scratch, 36, Pennsylvania. Diagnosed in March 1985. Uses Lantus and Novolog. Scratch likes to golf, is shy, and has a unique sense of humor. Scratch started his blog in 2003 as a way to share his thoughts about life and about using the patch to quit smoking. In October 2006, he decide to start writing about diabetes as well. When there is a cure, the first thing he will do is eat a big meal without worrying about what is in it and then sleep the next day without worrying about his blood sugars.

Nicole, 32, Massachusetts. Diagnosed June 1981. Wears a Cozmo pump with Novolog. She has trained her cat to be a dog, is terrified of spiders and failure, and thinks the inventor of the public bathroom must have been a truly sick individual. Nicole started her blog because she likes to write and because she was inspired by Kerri (Six Until Me) to write about her diabetes experience. When there is a cure, Nicole thinks she might puke from the excitement.

The Dawn Phenomena:
Mike, 31, Orange County, California. Diagnosed in April 1999. Uses an insulin pump. Mike is a video game programmer (cool!), he hates garlic, and he’s obsessed with Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series. Mike started his blog while he was in the process of getting the pump. There was so much information about using a pump and staying healthy, so he thought it would be a good way to share what he’s learned while using pump therapy. When there is a cure, the first thing Mike will do is make an appointment with his doctor and get the cure. Then he’ll drink a six-pack of regular soda and run around his house on a sugar high.

Dee's Diabetes:
Dee, 38, Cheshire, UK. Diagnosed in February 1987 and uses an insulin pump. Dee knits, has a deaf dog and loves The Might Boosh. Dee started a blog to get things off her chest and get advice on diabetes. When there is a cure, she will cry with joy.

A Devil in the Details:
Jessica, 31, Pennsylvania. Diagnosed with type 1 in May 2001 and currently wears a Minimed insulin pump. She played the tuba in high school, loves the Outer Banks and wants a cure. Jessica started her blog to "get it out." Reading other blogs helped her realize that writing about diabetes can help others as much as it can help her. When there is a cure, Jessica will tell her husband and her son that she loves them.

Diabetes 24/7:
Elizabeth - diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes nearly 30 years ago; more than 15 years of healthcare advertising and communications experience. Diabetes 24/7 is focused on international diabetes news.

Diabetes Can't:
Laura, 37, Ohio. Diagnosed in July 2001. Uses insulin. Laura loves John Travolta and hot fresh chocolate chip cookies. She really wants to go to Disneyland! Laura started her blog to share her ideas and thoughts with others in the diabetes community and to correspond with others so she can learn more about this disease. When there is a cure, the first thing Laura plans to do is jump up and down with joy!

Diabetic Dane
Heidi, 30, Denmark. Diagnosed on January 16, 1990. Uses a Minimed insulin pump. Heidi is a scientist wanna-be currently studying for PhD degree, she loves to play soccer, and once won a drawing competition that awarded her with a trip to the US and tickets tot eh 3 final games of the World Cup in Los Angeles. She was inspired to start her blog from other blogs that she read and she wanted to vent about what it’s like to live with diabetes in the personal and working life. When there is a cure, Heidi plans to celebrate, probably with something sugary, and wonder how hard it will be to lose all her old diabetes habits.

Diabetic Rebel:
Kristel, 32, Arizona. Type 1 pumper. Dx'd April 1982. Struggles with her weight, her last A1c was very good: 6.1, and she is trying to get pregnant. Started a blog to share her D-life experiences. When there is a cure she will totally go for it as soon as everything is well-tested and good results have been shown.

Diabetes Talkfest Blog:
Gina, 30, New York. Diagnosed on November 25, 2000. Wears an insulin pump. Gina is a video gamer, an artist and graphic/web designer, and the co-founder of She also loves to play with her little cousins and then give them back to their mom! Gina started her blog to vent and share information about diabetes. When there is a cure, Gina will cry and then eat a HUGE piece of chocolate cake without guilt.

Diabetic Forever:
A 38 year old woman living in California. Diagnosed in December 1980. Wears an insulin pump. She is amazing at the game "Scene It" because of her vast knowledge of film and television trivia. Her father also has diabetes and for his 50th birthday she scheduled him his first Endocrinologist appointment because he was not seeing a specialist. She also has another blog that chronicles her escapades in the world of online dating, which people tell her should be made into a movie, tv show or book. Maridee started her blog because she wanted a place to write about her experiences, and she had just started the pump and wasn't getting much support. When there is a cure, Maridee plans to have a party with lots of fire (probably for all the supplies), lots of chocolate and lots of relief.

Skytor - a 35 year old Norwegian living in Paris with Type 1 diabetes since age 8. Married with one daughter. Has been struggling with diabetes, but decided to reprioritize it after becoming a father.

Drea- Girl on the Go:
Andrea, 30, Nova Scotia. Type 1 since April 1985. Wears a Minimed 522 with the Continuous Glucose Monitor. Andrea loves her house on the ocean and her smart car, and she's a self-proclaimed "organizational freak." She started her blog so she could share her insulin pump journey with her new Minimed 522 and CGM. When there is a cure, Andrea plans to unhook her pump and smash her collection of testers.

Dreaming About Water:
Amy, 36, South Carolina. Diagnosed in 1985. Uses Lantus and Humalog. Amy is writing a coming-of-age memoir about growing up with type 1 diabetes, she is the mother of two boys, and her younger sister also has type 1. She started her blog as a platform for her book and to reach out to other young women with diabetes. Amy is not sure what she is going to do when there is a cure but she doesn't really think about it.

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Low:
Val - a 39-year-old Type 1 diabetic from New York who was originally thought to be a Type 2 before being properly diagnosed. Uses her blog to "vent about the frustrations involved" in having diabetes.

Help Connie Battle Juvenile Diabetes:
Connie, 35, Indiana. Diagnosed in 1982. Uses an insulin pump. Her favorite color is beige, she’s a forgiving person, and she has greenish brown eyes. Connie started her blog so that she could give people hope. When there is a cure, she plans to start a site to help raise funds for people to get the cure.

Insulin Pump Demystified:
Gabrielle, mother of 2, diagnosed January of 1982. 34 year old type 1 pumper. Loves to cook. Has written and staged her own 1-woman shows. Wants to create a community and dialogue about type 1 diabetes. First thing she plans to do when there is a cure is thank God (and whoever worked on the cure)!

It's My Blog and I'll Blog if I Want to:
Anna, 31-year-old type 1 diagnosed in August 1993 (two weeks before college). Wears a Minimed pump and lives in northern New Jersey. Ann is a huge Law & Order fan and watches all the series on TNT. She has travled throughoutEurope for 6 weeks as a diabetic. She is the Godmother to 5 kids, but she doesn't have any of her own. Anna keeps a blog mostly to keep up with family and friends and write about the silly everyday things in life. When there is a cure for diabetes, Anna plans to call her pharmacist and to cancel all her monthly prescriptions.

Kiss My Sweet Sticks:
Julie - 33-year-old Type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 24 years ago. Wears a pump and uses Metformin. Lives in Conneticut where she works as a Sign Language interpreter. She loves to craft and is addicted to DVD series. She started blogging because a friend of hers that passed away had a blog and she clicked on the advertisment and arrived at Blogspot then decided to search for Diabetes and found long lost camp friends and interesting facts and decided to give it a try herself to cope with her complications. When there is a cure, she plans to eat a HUGE ice cream sunday then try to not think about anything related to Diabetes at all.

Managing the Sweetness Within:
Lyrehca, 35, Massachusetts. Diagnosed on August 8, 1977. Treatment includes an insulin pump and exercise. Lyrehca loves to read and surf the internet and she gets paid to do both at her job! Lyrehca started her blog to chronicle what it is like to be a Type 1 woman trying to get, and going through, her first pregnancy. When there is a cure, the first thing Lyrehca will do is a lot of background research on scientific studies to make sure this is the real cure, and not some short-term solution.

Jen, 32, Nova Scotia. Diagnosed in February 1988. Uses an insulin pump. In September 2006, Jen made an attempt to swim the English Channel and made it half-way. She will make another attempt in August 2009. In July 2006 she swam the Northumberland Strait and did all her testing while treading water. She uses a Deltec Cozmo pump and doesn’t disconnect while swimming. Jen started her blog to share her life and her experiences, and to journal for herself. Jen will use her 'fill tubing' feature to squirt champagne through her pump, and she won't bother to debubble the
cartridge, either!

Melissa, 31, Virginia. Diagnosed with diabetes on January 4, 2007. Uses insulin injections and a healthy diet. Melissa has crooked pinky fingers, wants to live in Maui and finds that Tony Hawk video games make her nauseated. Melissa started her blog because she found other blogs helped her not feel so depressed and alone and she wants her blog to help others the way they have helped her. When there is a cure, the first thing Melissa will do is eat lots of pizza.

Parenthetic (diabetic):
Kevin, 32, from D.C. Diagnosed with Type 1 May, 1979. Pumping with Minimed Paradigm 515. Started his blog to participate in this great community (though it took a lot of proding from friends to do so).

Pump Me Up:
Zak, 31, Philadelphia, PA. Diagnosed with Type 1 in February 1980. Uses Lantus and Novolog, but his Minimed 722 has just been shipped! Zak lives to travel and is ready to leave for anywhere at any time. He is also an avid golfer and loves to read and write. He started his blog because he wanted to have one specifically focused to his adjustment to the new insulin pump, in addition to the blog he already has for his travel writing. When there is a cure, Zak plans to do a little dance and then keep living his life the way he is now.

Violet - 34-year-old diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in October 2004. Lives in Brooklyn and is on a new pump named Nellie (who replaced the beloved Charlene).

Daniel, 38, Ohio. Diagnosed in May 1986. Uses a Cozmo insulin pump. Daniel has been pumping for 11 years, now uses a started Dexcom CGMS, and is a firm believer in the thrill of new diabetes technology. Daniel started his blog to chronicle his life as an “almost robot.” When there is a cure, Daniel will “reboot!”

Scott's Diabetes Journal:
Scott, 30, from Minneapolis, MN, pumping humalog. Dx'd April, 1980. He is a gadget freak, likes SpongeBob Squarepants, and likes to play basketball regularly. Started a blog to have a place to get things off his chest. He also feels that the general public does not appreciate the challenges that a PWD faces on a daily basis, and maybe by blogging it will open some eyes. It's also a place for his family to look back at what he has done and how he coped with things. He finds it very therapeutic not only to get things off his chest, but also the commenters are very caring and helpful. When there is a cure, he plans to take a big deep relieving breath of air, bask in the feeling that a load has been lifted, then go eat something and not count a damn thing!!

Scott's Web Log:
Scott, 37, New York, NY. Diagnosed on July 24, 1976 and uses Apidra and NPH. Scott has an older sister with Type 1, who was diagnosed at age 4 in 1969. Scott and his sister are the only ones in the extended family with Type 1. He has lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, Washington State and Florida. He started his blog because he enjoys communicating about more objective news related to diabetes, which is seldom found in major press outlets. When there is a cure, the first thing Scott plans on doing is going on a drinking binge since alcohol and insulin make for a dangerous combination.

Matt, 39, New Hampshire. Diagnosed in October 2004. Uses Lantus and Huamlog. He is a father of four, has published poems in literary magazines, and almost died from undiagnosed diabetes. Matt started his blog to deal with the stress in the wake of a traumatic near-death onset of diabetes. When there is a cure, the first thing Matt will do is enter a pie-eating contest.

Melissa, 32, Ohio. Diagnosed on Feb. 8, 1982. Wears a pump. Melissa loves Fiesta dishes, has two cats named Pokey and Rodeo, and loves old houses. She started her blog because she loved other blogs and she had thoughts about diabetes that she wanted to share. She isn't sure what she will do when there is a cure.

The Smiling Diabetic:
Paul, 39, Kent, England. Diagnosed on February 5, 2001. Treats with 4 injections a day. Paul is a bookworm, music lover and very positive about life. Paul started his blog to share advice and information. He wants to educated people about diabetes and to be creative and give people inspiration and hope and motivation. When there is a cure, the first thing he will do is get drunk and run around shouting, “Whooo!” He will laugh and thank God, and he will cancel his prescriptions.

Type 12:
Debi, 30 year old type 1 (and type 2?) diagnosed June, 2001. She takes MDI of Lantus and Humalog, was prescribed Metformin and Avandia, although she is not taking it. She is from New York originally and lives in Utah now. She has 2 large dogs - a husky/malamute mix and a golden retriever - they are named Legend and Lore. She is married and hoping to get pregnant this year and start a family. She was inspired to blog by other blogs in this webring. Plus, she needs a place to vent and has no one to vent to. She hopes that it will also help her to stay motivated to take care of herself. When there is a cure she plans to get it then go eat lots of candy.

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